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Michele Simons & Berwyn Clayton Present the Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA


The following awards are presented to AVETRA members at the AVETRA conference:

1. Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to the education and development of  VET educators and other professionals

The Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA has now been replaced by the Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to the education and development of VET educators and other professionals.

The Berwyn Clayton Award for Distinguished Service to AVETRA has been instituted as a way of recognising the exemplary and distinguished service of nominated AVETRA members who have through their endeavours worked towards improving AVETRA’s status as Australia’s peak association for VET researchers.

This award is to be awarded on a bi-annual basis and it will be presented at the AVETRA Conference every second year in odd years. Eligibility: All nominees must be current AVETRA members.

Previous Awardees

2. AVETRA Ambassador Award 2013

As the result of a generous donation from Dr Ray Barker, a foundation member of our organisation, AVETRA has been able to fund a number of initiatives. One of these is the Ray Barker AVETRA Ambassador Award. Two awards (for individuals or teams) each of up to $1500 in value will be offered in 2013 to support new financial members of AVETRA presenting at the AVETRA conference and disseminating their experience locally to attract colleagues to future AVETRA events and activities.  Applications are now invited.

Aims of the Award

The two major aims of the Ray Barker AVETRA Ambassador Awards are to:

  • Improve the research capacity of individuals or teams who are currently financial members of AVETRA.
  • Expand and inform AVETRA networks and communities.

Selection criteria are:

  1. Current financial membership of AVETRA.
  2. Demonstrated likelihood that successful application is likely to improve the applicant’s research capacity.
  3. Demonstrated likelihood that successful application is likely to assist in building an awareness of AVETRA and understanding of VET research in the member’s communities.

Examples of Required Activity:

  • Proposal to present a refereed (peer-reviewed) paper at the AVETRA conference as the first refereed paper that the individual has written, payable only if the paper is accepted.
  • Attend the AVETRA conference and commit to reporting back to local membership or a specified VET community in the form of a newsletter or workshop. (Full details of the proposed activity must be specified in the application.)
  • Conduct an event, for AVETRA members and potential members, to disseminate VET research and to build AVETRA’s profile as a professional VET research association.

Application Format

Applications should be of no more than two A4 pages using standard 12 point font. The application should:

  • Describe the proposed activity/ies.
  • Address the selection criteria.
  • Provide details of the purpose(s) of funds sought and any contribution by the applying individual or organisation.

Applications will be assessed by a selection panel drawn from the AVETRA Executive committee.

Previous Awardees

3. AVETRA Journal Article of the Year Award

A ‘VET Journal Article of the Year ‘award has been instituted, which is awarded each year at the AVETRA conference for papers published the previous year. The aim of the award is to recognise excellent scholarship on the part of an AVETRA member, and to help to raise the profile of the scholarly work being done by AVETRA members. The winner is awarded a certificate and a plaque.


Current-year financial AVETRA members only are eligible to apply. Members must have been a financial member in both the year of the paper’s publication and the year in which the award is made.
Only papers in peer-reviewed journals that have a publication date of the previous calendar year are eligible (ie for the award presented in 2013, papers are to have been published in 2012, and so on).
Only papers on the ERA list as current at the time of the call for entries are eligible for entry.

Call for submissions are at the end of January each year.  Members are to submit no more than one of their journal articles to the AVETRA secretariat by the 20th February each year for judging to take place during March. The entry is to be accompanied by a cover sheet and the cover sheet will be dated by the secretariat on receipt.

Entrants must provide an e-copy of the paper as approved for publication (eg from the journal web site, or scanned copy of hard copy, or failing that from a university’s institutional repository). This is the responsibility of the author.

For joint-authored papers, only the first author may submit the paper and must get signatures or emails from other authors to agree to submission. These permissions must be submitted with the paper.

No two authors can submit separate papers from the same research project.

No extension to the closing date is allowed.

A chair of the process (who will be an AVETRA Executive member) and a panel of three judges will be appointed by the AVETRA Executive by the end of February each year.  Extra members may be co-opted if necessary.

Judges may not enter papers in the competition and may not work in the same institution as any of the candidates, may not be involved in the relevant research project or in other current research collaborations, or have other conflicts of interest (eg relative or PhD supervisor).

The chair establishes prima facie eligibility of papers.

Judges complete an evaluation form for each paper and the Chair collates the results and forwards a recommendation to the AVETRA Officers for approval.
The decision of the panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Feedback is not given to authors.

Please follow the link for the criteria

Previous Awardees

4. AVETRA Conference Paper of the Year

Refereed conference papers will automatically be entered into the shortlisting for the AVETRA Paper of the Year.  This on-going award is funded by AVETRA and is offered annually. The award will be presented at the AVETRA Conference.

Eligibility: The nominating author must be a current financial member of AVETRA. AVETRA reserves the right not to make an award if none of the applications received meets the criteria for award.

Previous Awardees

5. NCVER Early Career Researcher Award Paper of the Year

Refereed conference papers will automatically be entered into the shortlisting for the NCVER Early Career Researcher Award Paper of the Year award as part of the refereeing process. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) sponsors this award to encourage new researchers, that is, within the first five years of their research career, to present at the annual conference and become actively involved in the Association. Funding for this award should not be assumed to be on-going.

Download the criteria for award for the AVETRA Conference Paper of the Year & New Researcher Paper of the Year- Click Here

Previous Awardees