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AVETRA’s Executive members normally serve for two years and are bound by the constitution. During 2009 the Executive members worked collectively to produce position descriptions for the executive roles, both those defined by the Constitution and those which have grown up to carry out specific functions. Members may wish to consult these when considering whether to stand for election to the Executive and/or to volunteer for a specific role within the Executive.

Current Executive

Members of AVETRA’s Executive Committee are drawn from the VET and university sectors and from industry. They include leading VET researchers and representatives of VET research stakeholders around the country. 

Kira Clarke  President
Linda Simon Vice President 

Steven Hodge

Immediate Past President 
Karen O'Reilly-Briggs Secretary 
Llandis Barratt-Pugh Treasurer
Andrew Williamson
Executive Member
Jason Skues Executive Member 
Michelle Simons Executive Member 
Don Zoellner Executive Member
Niall Smith Co-opted Executive Member
Natasha Arthars Co-opted Executive Member 
Joanne Waugh Co-opted Executive Member 


Our constitution was revised and accepted at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

AVETRA constitution 2023

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