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AVETRA Awards recognise outstanding and innovative contributions to vocational education and training research and to AVETRA. If you would like to nominate most awards or apply for a scholarship, you may need be a financial member. Join now! 

Berwyn Clayton Award

The Berwyn Clayton Award is awarded to a published research paper on VET which has been widely cited and/or had significant impact.

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Ray Barker Award

The Ray Barker Award is for distinguished service to VET research generally and for distinguished service to AVETRA.

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Paper of the Year Award 

The Conference Paper of the Year is awarded to the best paper presented by a financial AVETRA  member at the annual AVETRA conference.

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From time to time, AVETRA partners with other organisations to support innovative Australian research in the field of vocational education and training.  
TDA/AVETRA Innovation Scholarship 
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