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An exciting new opportunity for strengthening VET researcher
connections to VET policymaking

In an era of substantial reform and transformation in the Australian VET system, it is critical to ensure there is a breadth and depth of research voices informing and shaping policy and practice. A thriving and critical research community is one that makes room for a range of ideas, and a breadth of existing and emerging modes and methods of inquiry. As Australia’s only independent VET research community AVETRA is committed to building the capability and networks of new, mid-career, practitioner and established researchers.

An exciting new opportunity has emerged for AVETRA members to contribute to the evidence-based policy making of the Victorian Skills Authority (VSA), an Administrative Office of the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions. AVETRA has been engaged by the VSA for a two-year programme to commission Australian VET researchers to produce ‘Research Insights’. These Research Insights will translate findings and evidence from existing research into critical policy facing outputs. From September 2023, several Research Insights projects will be commissioned, exploring a range of VET topic areas aligned with the strategic objectives and priorities of the vocational education and training system in Victoria.

This exciting partnership between VSA and AVETRA aims to inform policy activity with relevant research evidence, build policy translation capability within the VET research community and build connections between VSA staff and VET researchers. This in turn aims to create expanded opportunities for applied VET researchers to engage directly with policy-makers and influence policy development.

Researchers employed in vocational, tertiary and/or higher education institutions on research contracts, continuing research positions and/or fixed term teaching only, research only and/or teaching & research positions, and current student researchers undertaking research higher degree programs are all eligible to apply. Practitioner and early career researchers are strongly encouraged to apply. Named researchers on expressions of interest need to be current AVETRA members.

Calls for expressions of interest will be announced through emails to AVETRA members. If you are interested in applying as part of this scheme, please make sure you are a member AVETRA and signed up for our newsletters and email alerts. 

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