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OctoberVET 2023 

OctoberVET is a season of presentations, discussions and workshops coordinated by AVETRA. The goal is to showcase, disseminate and debate vocational, adult and technical education research.

Event Listings

6th October 2023 | 9.30 - 4.30pm | Box Hill Institute

VET Fellowship Forum; Sharing knowledge and enhancing VET through international insights

You are invited to a special forum featuring the applied research of VET practitioners who will share insights from their recent International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowships.

Presenters: Dr Lizzie Knight (Box Hill Institute & JSA), Paul Boys (Gippsland Tech School), Dr Warren Guest (Holmesglen TAFE), Ani Tom Vellaramkunnel (RMIT), Dr John Flett (South West TAFE), Andrew Hardiman (Department of Education), Kay Schlesinger (ISSI & KGedconsulting), Rajesh Iyer (RMIT), and Dr Karen O’Reilly-Briggs (Box Hill Institute).

13th October 2023 | 12-1pm AEST | Zoom

Reimagining Education: Where Does VET's Strength Lie in the Accord Conversation

As the Australian Universities Accord aims to reshape higher education, it's paramount that the distinctive strengths of Vocational Education and Training (VET) aren't overshadowed or misunderstood by the traditionally university-focused discourse. While the Accord signifies change, how might it inadvertently miss the unique attributes and value VET brings to the educational landscape? This panel discussion seeks to spotlight VET's strengths, challenging potential biases and gaps in the current dialogue.

A panel on-line session hosted by Natasha Arthars with Robin Shreeve, Claire Field and Jenny Dodd

13th October | 1-3pm (AEDT) | TAFE Qld

Generating a research culture in a teaching-focused institution

A panel of six speakers, each discussing what is being done at TAFE Queensland with regards to generating a research culture in a teaching-focused institution.

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26th October | Applied Research - Henry Pook.

More details to follow

 20th October | The Future of VET | 11.30-1pm | Vet Development Centre, Melbourne

This event will be hosted by the Future of VET Curriculum Project team, a group of VET researchers associated with Griffith and Victoria universities. Our team has commenced a long-term program of work aimed at understanding how innovative training providers span the gap between rigid industry standards and responsive learning. We define curriculum as the stuff that fills this gap - the design, organisation and other factors that determine the experience of learning. We believe that in disruptive times it is essential that the VET sector learns from its innovative educators and shares knowledge of how to provide the skills learners need to thrive and contribute to sustainable industries and communities.

Project Director, Steven Hodge from Griffith University will open the event and introduce MC, Hugh Guthrie, and guests representing four perspectives on the VET learning ecosystem:

  • Craig Robertson, CEO Victorian Skills Authority
  • Margot McNeil Chief Product and Quality Officer at TAFE NSW
  • Warren Guest Lecturer and Researcher, Holmesglen Institute Melbourne
  • CEO Industry RTO TBC

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27th October | 2-4pm | Face to Face | University of Western Australia

Exploring the issues of VET Research: a discussion of current activity and past learning

More details to follow

2nd November 2023 | 3-5pm AEST | Zoom


Pedagogy of the oppressed. This event is for AVETRA Book club members to convene to discuss Freire's seminal book 'Pedagogy of the oppressed'.

Hosted by Karen O'Reilly-Briggs

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